The Augmented Performer


Augmented reality opens new doors for creatives who dare to implement technology in their art. The outcomes are not necessarily experimental. Sometimes the integration of virtual elements into the real world hides from the audience. In this episode, we learn from a research project what those hidden opportunities for AR in the culture sector could be. By the end of this episode, you should know where to start.

The Augmented Performer

Cultural Heritage Podcast
Cultural Heritage Podcast
The Augmented Performer

Key Take-aways

  • Helpful practices and tools for AR projects 
  • Understanding how AR can be used to extend the abilities of artists
  • What kind of AR approaches exist out there?


Adrián Artacho Bueno, a Composer, Performer and Artistic Researcher

More Details

Reading/listening Time: 18:09 minutes

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023

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