Technology Enhanced Audience Participation


Nowadays many people at a live performance will bring a smart phone and use it during a performance, maybe to take photos or a video, or maybe to find a friend who they have lost in the crowd. But what if you could use your smart phone to actually become part of the performance? And if so, what possibilities does this bring? Oliver Hödl talks about audience participation and what possibilities technology offers.

Technology Enhanced Audience Participation

Cultural Heritage Podcast
Cultural Heritage Podcast
Technology Enhanced Audience Participation

Key Take-aways

  • Learn about up-to date possibilities of technology supported audience participation in live music
  • Hear about trends in this area
  • Find out how to learn more about this
  • What skills are needed to develop such measures


Oliver Hödl, researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology, Cooperative Digital Technologies and lecturer at the University of Vienna at the research group Cooperative Systems

More Details

Reading/listening Time: 11:05

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023