Augmented Reality for Immersive Experiences


Augmented reality allows people to work and interact with virtual objects that are integrated into the real world. The cultural sector has long recognized the opportunities this technology offers. In this episode, we learn how a science communication project combines augmented reality with art and the benefits of integrating AR into the experience. By the end of this episode, you should know where to start.

Augmented Reality for immersive experiences

Cultural Heritage Podcast
Cultural Heritage Podcast
Augmented Reality for immersive experiences

Key Take-aways

  • How to connect Augmented Reality with Art
  • Understanding the benefits of implementing Augmented Reality in experiences
  • What kind of Augmented Reality approaches exist out there?


Adrián Artacho Bueno, a Composer, Performer and Artistic Researcher

More Details

Reading/listening Time: 12:44 minutes

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023

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