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E-ZINE Issue #1

We are delighted to announce that the first in a series of ezines about the project has been launched. In this first issue, we outline the background of the project as well as its aims and the objectives it hopes to achieve. The ezine also introduces each of the partners in the consortium, their team members and the unique skills and expertise they bring to the project. Download your copy of the ezine here.

E-ZINE Issue #2

Following a very positive response to the publication of Issue 1 of our Ezine we are delighted to announce that our second issue is now available to download. In this issue, we look back at the work we did in assessing the current situation and the work done to both research the now and the future. We also present insights from the Status Quo report as well as how community engagement can be harnessed to develop adaptability and generate new ideas.  There is a feature on a Hack the Culture event and project Leaders, Ca’ Foscari also outline their role and responsibilities in leading this project.

E-ZINE Issue #3

Our third issue of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 Ezine is now available to download.  The focus of this issue is the work carried out by our expert team to deliver a thorough Cultural Heritage 2.0 Digital Student Consultancy Approach, which is a learning framework and a toolkit for academic staff and educators to help them facilitate problem-based learning interventions with real-life practical examples from their local/regional cultural heritage organisations.  Learn about the work carried out to develop the consultancy programme and access our wide range of FREE resources, from the links available in the Ezine.

E-ZINE Issue #4

The fourth issue of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 Ezine is now available to download. In this, the final issue of our ezine focuses on the final project results. We introduce the “Guidebook for Educators” which we have developed. This valuable resource is available to download from our website. We also outline the various Success stories. Finally, we look at the overall achievements of the project
and what might be the next steps to build on the great work done to date.



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