Context + Need

The cultural and creative sectors were among the most severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. A rapid push to develop new digital models of customer engagement is proving to be a challenge within the cultural heritage sector. Covid-19  has highlighted existing inequalities between larger cultural heritage organizations and smaller players with the latter having lower potential to go digital, general lack of human resources equipped for the transition and entrepreneurial capabilities to rapidly transform rigid traditional business models. Higher Education Institutes can support the struggling cultural heritage sector with novel solutions to their business model evolution challenges while helping foster their students’ entrepreneurial and innovative mindset through targeted collaborative activities in education.

The Cultural Heritage 2.0 project will support HEIs to effectively assist the regeneration of the European cultural heritage sector to adapt to a highly digitalized post-COVID19 world. We will do this by equipping academic staff and educators with knowledge, skills and resources to engage with cultural heritage sector representatives in educational activities and organize problem-based learning interventions in multidisciplinary student teams.

Our Team / Partnership

Our partnership consists of 6 organisations from 5 countries, all with a direct interest in using the project’s results.

The project’s results will be used to drive university-cultural heritage organisations collaboration, contribute to revitalisation of the cultural heritage sector and increase their contribution to society. We represent a mixture of universities, consultancy agencies and a network. Each of us has strong experience in EU projects, and have collaborated in various constellations, while the project leaders Ca’Foscari University has extensive experience in coordinating E+ projects.

Our Timeline

November 2022

The Future of Cultural Heritage Sector Scenarios

March 2023

The Cultural Heritage 2.0 Digital Student Consultancy Approach

January 2024

The Cultural Heritage 2.0 Business Model Evolution Success Stories Collection