Tech Digitalisation Standards


Digitization of European cultural heritage also means online access to cultural material and digital preservation. Many international platforms (e.g., at the European level, the Europeana project) exist to make digitized works from around the world accessible. Some European cultural heritage institutions also manage to digitize their content, but face some challenges in doing so. As with all digitization projects, the lack of a common European approach on standards for digitizing cultural content at the European level is a challenge for cultural heritage institutions.

“Data standards promote the consistent recording of information and are fundamental to the efficient exchange of information. They provide the shared rules for data representation, format, definition, structure, tagging, transmission, so that the data entered into a system can be reliably read, sorted, indexed, retrieved, communicated between systems. They help protect the long-term value of data.”

Tech Digitalisation Standards

Cultural Heritage Podcast
Cultural Heritage Podcast
Tech Digitalisation Standards

Key Take-aways

  • to understand the current situation 
  • How digitalisation standards can help CH institutions
  • hear about examples / future perspectives
  • know where more can information be found


Stefan Szepe, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw)

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Year of publication: 2023

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