Final Transnational Partner Meeting held in Venice

The final Transnational Partners meeting of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 project took place in Venice recently.  The meeting was hosted by the project leaders Daniela Pavan, Innovation Designer and Sara Alba, Project Manager and held in the Aula Marino Berengo, at the historic Ca’Foscari University, overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice. The meeting opened with […]

Cultural Heritage 2.0 launches Introductory video

The Cultural Heritage 2.0 project has launched a short video to introduce the project and share its objectives. The cultural and creative sectors were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating that new digital models of customer engagement were needed.  This need, and how to address it formed the basis of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 […]

Cultural Heritage 2.0 Partners gather online for Transnational Partner Meeting

The members of the consortium meet each month to plan, collaborate on and review the work of the project.  Every six months the team gathers for a half-day Transnational Partner meeting to address key elements of the project in more detail. The second Transnational Partner meeting of 2023 took place online on October 11th.  Representatives […]

Cultural Heritage 2.0 Business Model Evolution Programme ezine launched

We are delighted to announce that the first in a series of ezines about the project has been launched.  In this first issue, we outline the background of the project as well as its aims and the objectives it hopes to achieve.   Specifically, each of the three main Project Results the consortium has been […]

Project Dissemination is led by Momentum Marketing Services

Momentum Marketing Services is the lead partner in CULTURAL HERITAGE 2.0 dissemination, providing the overall dissemination plan and executing the related marketing collateral activities. Momentum created a tailored dissemination strategy that focuses on creating and using the necessary media to reach the identified target groups and maximise the impact of the project results. The project […]

The Competencies Gap Map and what to do with it

Madeleine Harbich and Manuela Holzmayer, are project managers of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 project for the University of Vienna, one of the three higher education institutions in this project.  Here they outline the development of the Competencies Gap Map, and how it can be of value to your organisation. During the conceptualisation and development phase […]

Ca’ Foscari role as lead partner in Cultural Heritage 2.0

The project’s core idea is to engage with Cultural Heritage Organisations in problem-based learning interventions in multidisciplinary student teams, to tackle the challenges and explore the opportunities for the cultural heritage sector of a highly digitalised post-COVID-19 world. For that, some indispensable elements for leading the project were the access to inter- and multidisciplinary knowledge, […]

Researching the Future

By Kirsten Laugesen Van Dam, Bespoke Mayone Our research and overall process were informed and guided by Bespoke’s Futures Design Framework. This methodology integrates tools, methods, and mindsets from the design process and theoretical frameworks from strategic foresight practice. It is a collaborative approach to understanding the changes and forces emerging in the present and […]

Meet the Partner – Momentum Marketing Services Ltd.

For over two decades, Momentum has been at the forefront of educational innovation in Ireland and across Europe. In partnership with over 50 esteemed higher education institutions (HEIs) and vocational education and training (VET) providers, we work on an array of projects. As practitioners, we function at the intersection of research, inclusion, diversity innovation, and […]

Meet the Partner – Bespoke Manyone

Bespoke Manyone is a global Futures Design Studio based in Copenhagen.  They are building the next generation of Future Facing organisations by combining tools and mindsets from the world of design and strategic foresight. Their projects and partnerships live in the intersections of strategy, design, business and culture. Bespoke Manyone helps companies and brands give […]