Meet the Partner – Bespoke Manyone

Bespoke Manyone is a global Futures Design Studio based in Copenhagen.  They are building the next generation of Future Facing organisations by combining tools and mindsets from the world of design and strategic foresight. Their projects and partnerships live in the intersections of strategy, design, business and culture.

Bespoke Manyone helps companies and brands give meaning to the present and scan for signals and trends in order to imagine and create better ideas that are future-fit.  Bespoke Manyone works across industries with some of the most exciting and innovative companies from around the world, who are eager to become first movers and leading players in shaping our collective future.

Over the years, Bespoke Manyone has been working with cultural heritage organisations and museums in the field of art and culture using our Futures Design methodology to find new opportunities and ideas to stay relevant. For example, in a Future of Culture & Art project mapping opportunities for more open policies and structures for cultural actors and artists in the Nordics. So, this project lies close to their heart as it fits in their interest and passion for creating better futures.

Together with, UIIN, Bespoke Manyone contributed to the co-creation of “The Future of Cultural Heritage Sector Scenarios” research and development work package/project result.

The work done by Bespoke Manyone has been led by Kirsten van Dam, who has 15 years of proven international experience and is a creative and strategic person who wants to create better futures whilst having a good understanding of societal challenges. To learn more about Kirsten and the work that Bespoke Manyone are doing visit their website.



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