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For over two decades, Momentum has been at the forefront of educational innovation in Ireland and across Europe. In partnership with over 50 esteemed higher education institutions (HEIs) and vocational education and training (VET) providers, we work on an array of projects. As practitioners, we function at the intersection of research, inclusion, diversity innovation, and education. We strive to establish best practices in promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion. With pride, we deliver high-impact dissemination services to multiple European projects, a testament to the quality and calibre of our work. Our underlying aim is to foster a sustainable and equitable future for all.

As the dissemination lead of the Cultural Heritage 2.0 project, we are committed to orchestrating a comprehensive and sustained dissemination campaign over the project’s 24-month lifespan. Our goal is to share project results effectively and encourage their application among all key target audiences. Our dissemination strategy entails a well-orchestrated process of providing information to the relevant stakeholders and key actors about the project’s process, activities, and results. We will use varied dissemination channels at local, national, and EU levels.

Our dissemination strategy centres on identifying and using the most effective media to reach the target groups and maximize the project results’ impact. Our primary target groups include:

  1. HEIs, educators, and academics
  2. Students
  3. Cultural Heritage Organizations

Promotion and awareness-raising form a crucial component of our dissemination process. We will commence these activities at the project’s onset and continue throughout its lifespan, even extending beyond the project’s conclusion. Although Momentum leads in creating the overall dissemination plan and executing the related marketing activities, all partners share the responsibility of project dissemination at local, regional, and national levels within their respective countries. This includes adapting the dissemination plan to suit their local contexts.

We are thrilled to be part of this ambitious Erasmus+ project, collaborating with a network of partners from Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria. Our collective expertise spans different specialities and fields across Europe, enhancing the richness and diversity of our collaboration.



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