Project Dissemination is led by Momentum Marketing Services

Momentum Marketing Services is the lead partner in CULTURAL HERITAGE 2.0 dissemination, providing the overall dissemination plan and executing the related marketing collateral activities.

Momentum created a tailored dissemination strategy that focuses on creating and using the necessary media to reach the identified target groups and maximise the impact of the project results. The project partners assume responsibility for the dissemination of the project at a local, regional, and national level in their countries and adopt and share the communications materials created by Momentum.

Key objectives of the dissemination strategy are:

  1. To create awareness of the project and its results, beyond the limits of the consortium.
  2. To promote the exchange of knowledge and know-how among the different stakeholders involved.
  3. To foster the creation of networks among the different target groups involved, to facilitate public dialogue and fruitful cooperation.
  4. To raise awareness about the results produced in the framework of the consortium and enable end-users to reach them, providing, at the same time, a valuable impact on the effectiveness of the tools and results, as well as on the problems or issues that could arise

To achieve these objectives Momentum developed the Cultural Heritage 2.0 branding, visual assets and brand manual. Once these had been adopted by the consortium the next step was to develop a series of messaging templates for use throughout the project, including PowerPoint presentations, Newsletter templates and reporting templates.

Next, we built a website and set up social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.  The website is the anchor of all dissemination material hosting results, downloadable multimedia resources, and project updates.

A series of digital newsletters or ezines have been developed and are emailed to subscribers and available to download from the website.  Social media posts are published each week to promote the work of the project, its results and downloadable resources to the target audience. The target audience includes HEI educators and Academics, Students and Cultural Heritage Organisations.

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