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The deed of foundation for the University of Vienna dates back to 1365.  Today it is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Europe with 6,900 academics at 20 facilities and centres.  It offers a wide range of programmes from education, social sciences, philosophy and religion, history, society, politics and arts over culture, media, mathematics, informatics and technology, natural and life sciences, psychology, health and sports to languages, economic sciences and law.

The University provides a strong impetus by presenting novel findings and developing innovative solutions. In the field of research, it cooperates with industry, cultural institutions and society.  Approximately 10,000 students graduate from the University of Vienna every year.  The University prepares them for a professional career and encourages critical thinking and self-determined decision-making.

The Research Services and Career Development Centre of the University of Vienna connects with all university faculties, including the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics.  UNIVIE Research Services and Career Development Centre is an experienced connector and therefore leads the pilot-tests of the programme.

Allison O’Reilly is a research and project manager at the University.  A third-party funding expert she supports researchers of all disciplines to write successful applications and fund their research projects.  Knowledge transfer is another area Allison is very active in and passionate about.  She manages and is involved in several projects dealing with knowledge transfer, research impact and science communications.

Madeleine Harbich is a PR specialist, project manager and generally a creative based in Vienna, Austria. She is involved in several projects at the University of Vienna and covers the range from digitization to impact in research. In the dozens of projects in her past, she learned to play a wide range of possible communication tools. Learning new skills is her lifeline.

With Cultural Heritage, she combines her interest in art, culture and feminism and above all brings her communication and project management skills to the project.

Following studies in history and social sciences in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Great Britain, Tobias Reckling came to Vienna in 2012. At the University of Vienna, he manages the Team Knowledge Transfer & National Funding. The team supports researchers from all disciplines, among other things, in cooperative projects with partners from society and industry. Since 2019, Tobias also coordinates the Knowledge Transfer Center East (WTZ Ost). This cooperation project by nine Viennese Universities and three Universities of applied science aims at fostering and promoting all aspects of knowledge exchange.



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