Magic Circles


Inspired by leadership principles of the Yukaghir people of Siberia the magic circle is a technique to break down staff hierarchies and create equal authority in an organisation when working together on a current challenge. Cultural heritage organisations can use this tool to include and empower staff members as well as to harvest the knowhow of different professions with practical experience from within the organisation, when facing both major and minor challenges.

Key Take-aways

  • Secure a flow of knowhow between staff members
  • Include and empower staff members in decision making
  • Solve organisational challenges more efficiently


Rane Willerslev, director at the Danish National Museum and professor of anthropology.

More Details

Reading/listening Time: 5  minutes

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023

Further Information

Book: Willerslev, Rane. (2017). Tænk vildt: Det er guddommeligt at fejle. People’sPress. (Written in Danish)