Design and Innovation


Innovation is a mantra for any industry but is expected to be even more relevant in the whole cultural sector where creative and innovative ideas are traditionally seen as the main ingredient of artistic and cultural products. In the last twenty years, the word innovation has been accompanied by a second key term: design. Design identifies the inner core of a process of innovation, the moment where we elaborate our ideas starting a process where both creativity and the capability to make it real are the main pillars of a possibly successful innovation. What happens when design enters the process of innovation? How is design modifying the way through which the organisation develops her innovation strategy? Is design a strategic resource also for the CCIs? These are main questions driving the reader.

Key Take-aways

– innovation is a complex phenomenon where we are sometimes fascinated by the idea that innovation is also a change for better

– Design plays an increasingly crucial role, not just as an asset to attract new customers but as a weapon to satisfy our urgent needs. As such, design is more importantly defined as a process

– The world of CCIs explores design as a key dimension of value, aiming to find new and more effective solutions for customers and to explore better forms of organisation


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