Data Sharing and Legal Issues


The world we live in has become more and more digitalized. Technology took over our daily lives with both positive and negative outcomes. Data is now easily accessible creating a new economy which can benefit many fields like scientific research, cultural heritage, digital humanities, statistics and so on. We have seen the transition from “digitalization” to “datafication”. The problem is now how to manage the huge amount of data developing new data driven business models, complaint with privacy regulations within the EU data strategy framework.

Key Take-aways

  • Data management and copyright
  • The data-driven economy
  • EU data strategy
  • Research data sharing


Alessandro Bernes, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in Private Law. He has substantial experience in legal issues related to data processing for scientific, historical and statistical research purposes. He has published articles and essays in disparate scientific academic journals on personal data and recently he co-authored a book on privacy and data protection in software service for an international publisher. He is a member of the Ethics Committee of Ca’ Foscari University, dealing with the review of the Data Management Plan for open access to research data. He teaches several courses and LLM on data protection and data management.

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