Citizen Science


According to the “Green Paper. Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany” (GEWISS, 2016), Citizen Science is defined as follows: “Citizen Science describes the participation of persons in scientific processes who are not institutionally bound in this scientific field. Participation can range from the short-term collection of data to intensive use of leisure time to delve into a research topic together with scientists and/or other volunteers. Although many volunteer researchers have an academic education, this is not a prerequisite for participation in research projects. What is important, however, is the adherence to scientific standards, which includes above all transparency with regard to the methodology of data collection and the public discussion of the results”.

Key Take-aways

  • to understand the current situation 
  • hear about examples / future perspectives
  • know where more can information be found


Dr. Florian Heigl, Co-Founder and Co-Coordinator of the Citizen Science Plattform Österreich forscht and Citizen Science Network Austria

More Details

Reading/listening Time: 5 minutes

Language: English

Year of publication: 2023