Business Model Innovation


What are business models and how do they differ from the notion of strategy? Starting from this basic question, the lecture discusses the concept of business model offering a perspective on how business models are destined to find new and innovative solutions to face our issues. If business models represent the map of values driving the processes of any organization, this map should be continually adapted to face the strengths that are more urgent to us. This introduces a section where three key words are used to explain how business models are changing and how they change, being innovative.

Key Take-aways

  • Strategy looks at the future, while business model is the strategy now. A business model is a map explaining how and why a company is able to male value for her customers and main stakeholders
  • A business model is really innovative if it is able to face our contemporary urgent issues, making value in new ways and reaching new customers but also taking care of our societal values. 
  • Green, digital and participated are three dimensions of strategic value for our companies, but their success is also based on the capability to work systemically building a coherent system of values of the future


Monica Calcagno is a professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice,. Her research explores the world of CCIs under a multidisciplinary perspective focusing on the role of participation in cultural heritage as a booster of sustainable tourism and sense making, on how design thinking can shape processes of innovation in the CCIs, and on cultural entrepreneurship. She is a member of the scientific committee at research centre aiku – arte, impresa cultura and founding member of maclab – Laboratory for the Management of Arts and Cultures. 

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